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Sep 13, 2018
In Future video topics
I've heard (I put them on while at work) countless times the episode about Sir Sidney Smith or Hannibal and his feats in combat. I find them the most entertaining and educational. It can be also that I love trivia and those videos are full of it :-) Since I'm polish and live in Italy I would like to suggest the following: - Tadeusz Kościuszko; defended Poland from Russians and helped Americans in the war of independence. He had a very rich and interesting life. - General Władysław Anders and his army; started in Russia, ended up in Egypt with a domesticated bear, and later fought at Montecassino and on the Adriatic coast (can personally provide some photos and trivia, since I live near some points of interest (Battle of Filottrano, Battle of Bologna, Battle of Ancona). - Giuseppe Garibaldi; famous for bringing Italy together with only 1000 men (he recruited some more along the way though). A man of honor and a good general. Fought in South America in his later years. He's called the Hero of Two Worlds. Post here some other interesting historical figures you would like to see in a video :)


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