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Vxhkx Dutxutx
Feb 18, 2020
In Future video topics
TruBodx Keto muscles you're working and pretend you have a string attached to the crown of your head so maybe going a little bit faster once you find that alignment and you should feel your lower belly working to lift the knees and we'll be fifteen [Music] twelve ten nine six five four three two one and one very good so we're gonna do it again this time I want you to have your hands the elbows tucked in hands right above your waist and you'll hit the knees on the hands so you ensure that you get that height and you get the core and what I want you to do is when the knee hits your hand push the knee down with your hand moving a little bit faster we'll do 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 three two one one and release very good so you'll keep those feet hips width distance soft knees athletic stands shoulders down you'll reach your arms forward so really squeeze your fingers together point your fingers and then go out keep your elbows micro bent your hands are slightly below your shoulders really squeeze the fingers really point them out you'll make circles with your arms think about moving from the shoulder so you're not moving from your wrists you're not moving from your elbow you're making those circles from the shoulder so keep

Vxhkx Dutxutx

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